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Group Classes

All group sessions are held in-person in Athlone Road, Parkview. Classes are limited to 6 people so you can get more personal attention.

Vinyasa yoga

Mondays - 17.30 - 18.30

This class includes strong flows, which can be very similar in effort to Ashtanga but the flow differs from class to class. Working with the principal of one-breath-one-movement, this class is guaranteed to give you a good workout.

Beginner's and Gentle Flows

Wednesdays -

17.30pm - 18.30pm


17.30pm - 18.30pm

New to yoga or want to ease back into it?

Join a slow flow for the perfect introduction to foundational poses and alignment through gentle sequences.

​Learn breathing and meditation techniques to get you going on your yoga journey.

If you are new to yoga, I recommend we have a one on one session first so I can show you some basic poses and get to know you. It will only take about 45 minutes and it's free!


yoga sessions

If group classes aren't for you or you struggle to make the group class times, why not try a private class? Each session is tailored to suit you and your goals. These sessions can take place at the Parkview or Parkhurst studios, or at your house. 

Corporate yoga

At Ikigai Therapy, we help you to prioritize the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees. From stretching techniques to breathing exercises, meditation and desk yoga, we provide the tools to help your employees find balance and rejuvenation in their daily work routines. From once off wellness events to weekly sessions, we do it all.

Yoga pricing

Kind words

“Simply put Jess an amazing Yogi and Yoga Instructor, who shares her passion and knowledge freely and with enthusiasm. I’ve learnt so much along my journey, thank you Jess!"


"Yoga with Jess continues to be a transformative journey toward a place of self-love and deep gratitude. I experience each session with Jess a generous gift of light and love, which brings me immense joy."


"Ikigai studio is a home away from home. Jess is a truly inspiring individual and her classes are so warm and welcoming. From meditation to vinyasa, she is an excellent teacher."


See you on your mat!