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Massage Therapy

Massage is the manipulation of layers of muscle and connective tissue, to aid in the body's healing process. 

Massage is an ancient practice, dating back to 3000BC. With thousands of years of research and development, massage therapy is proven to help your body's systems work together harmoniously which faciliates your body's natural healing abilities. 


The Benefits

The benefits of massage are endless, but it's how they affect and improve your life that really makes the difference.

Reduced Stress 

Massage regulates your nervous system, more specifically activating your parasympathetic nervous system which is your rest and digest state. 

Improved immune system

Less stress means your body can focus on its innate healing processes. 

Good blood circulation

Every cell in your body needs good circulation to bring in fresh nutrients, minerals and oxygen. Good circulation is ultimately responsible for eliminating toxic and waste products, resulting in growth, repair and improved overall functioning of your body. 

Regulation of your breath

By activating your rest and digest response, your breath naturally slows down and relaxes your muscles. More, and deeper breathing gives you more energy!

Scar tissue elimination 

Through consistent and regular massages, scar tissue is broken down through kneading movements and friction. 

Improved flexibility 

Through stimulation of the nervous, skeletal and muscular systems, massage has the ability to activate the healing and elasticity of your body's connective tissue.


Swedish Full Body

A luxurious full body massage that will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated.


60 minutes | R550

90 minutes | R800

Back, Neck & Shoulders

Get rid of tension where we hold it the most with this treatment. 


30 minutes | R300

60 minutes | R600

Balinese Head Massage

A traditional Indonesian massage that includes the head, shoulders and neck. This massage takes place sitting down, exposing only the shoulders.


30 minutes | R300

More treatments coming soon! Watch this space...

Being a runner and having constant injuries, visiting Jess weekly for a Swedish massage really helped to support the healing process and enabled me to get back on my feet quickly.

Not only did the massage assist with the healing of the body, but also on an emotional level. Always left feeling extremely relaxed and ready to face the day ahead.

Jess has such a comforting and relaxing way about her and always makes you feel at ease before and during the massage.

- Brigid

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