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Your healing journey starts with the mind-body connection

What we do

Holistic Therapy

A unique combined treatment of yoga, breathing, meditation and massage therapy designed to suit you.


Group, semi-private and private sessions. 


Full body Swedish massage, back neck and shoulders, and Balinese Head Massage, and remedial (sports) massage.

Your teacher

Hello! I'm Jess

I found my Ikigai, my purpose, after studying environmental science at Stellenbosch. It took 3 years, a number of traumas, and an epilepsy diagnosis for me to realise I needed to do something about my mental health. The fact that the mind could be so overwhelmed that it affects the physical body in the form of a seizure was a huge reality check. My body shut down and said 'enough'.  The thing is, no one can make the change but you. Through yoga and meditation, I learnt to regulate my emotions and stay in the present. I want share this knowledge with you!

Yoga changed my life. I had been practising since I was 16 but when I was 21, I knew I had to make a serious change and went on a journey to Bali to do my Yoga Teacher Training. That training changed my life and I found my ikigai - teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation.

To help others to connect with their breath, their bodies and their minds to create a holistic healing journey, is my purpose. 

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