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Ikigai Yoga & Massage Therapy

Your healing journey starts with the mind-body connection

What we do

Holistic Therapy

A unique combined treatment of yoga, breathing, meditation and massage therapy designed to suit you.


Group, semi-private and private sessions. 


Full body Swedish massage, back neck and shoulders, and Balinese Head Massage, and remedial (sports) massage.

Baby Massage Classes

Learn about the power of nurturing touch for your little one, and join a community of wonderful parents in the area.

Your teacher

Hello! I'm Jess

I found my Ikigai, my purpose, after studying environmental science at Stellenbosch. After 3 years, a number of traumas, and an epilepsy diagnosis, I made a conscious decision to change my life path for something that supported my mental wellbeing . The fact that the mind could be so overwhelmed and stressed that it affects the physical body in the form of a seizure was a huge reality check. My body shut down and said 'enough'.   Through yoga and meditation, I learnt to regulate my emotions and stress and stay in the present. I want to share this knowledge with you.

Yoga changed my life. I have been practising for 10 years now: in 2019, I went on a journey to Bali to do my Yoga Teacher Training. That training changed my life and I found my ikigai in teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation. I am a qualified massage therapist, meditation, breathwork and yoga teacher, and baby massage instructor through internationally-recognised institutions throughout the world.

My passion is helping people to heal themselves by strengthening the mind-body connection, as well as sharing the power of nurturing touch and massage with parents and their babies.

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